Vision Mission and Goal

“Persons afflicted or affected by leprosy & their families should be made to move equally within their own communities and victimized or marginalized no more”



We are committed and dedicated to establishing a society where persons affected by leprosy find themselves acceptable as equal partners with all others in the community and society at large.


Promoting activity for sharing (giving and taking) of available resources which assist the Persons affected by leprosy to uplift and rehabilitate themselves so that they participate effectively in the social and economic life of the community without discrimination due to their links with the disease Leprosy also known as Hansen’s Disease.


1. To be an organisation that is committed to being of service to leprosy afflicted or post-afflicted persons and their family members and those who are dependents of the primary beneficiary. We help them to overcome the psychological, physical and socio- economic adverse effects brought on them by the disease leprosy and help them to rehabilitate and holistically develop themselves. We help them to remain or re-enter society and their community with Dignity and Confidence, devoid of stigma or discrimination at social or other levels due to their connection with leprosy.

2. To be an organisation that promotes the reduction of the incidence of leprosy itself and also works to prevent and reduce all manner of adverse after-effects of leprosy afflicted and affected persons, their family members and other relations or persons linked with or associated with them.

3. To be an organisation which provides relief and assists the rehabilitation of leprosy afflicted and affected persons and closely connected persons who can be described as being the “Poorest of the Poor” (“most needy”). They are those who in reality need Surol’s support in the Physical, Psychological, Social, Spiritual and Economic Spheres. They are people who essentially need to overcome the social stigma and negative attitudes of people towards leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) from time immemorial.

4. To disseminate information and promote Awareness regarding Leprosy;

  • Which will encourage a more complete knowledge and understanding of the truth regarding the disease of leprosy. Leprosy in the past was dreaded since no cure was known and thought to be highly infectious/ contagious till the late Nineteenth Century; and today since the late 1930s we have definite methods of diagnosis, treatment and cure which are obtainable free of cost from all government hospitals in Sri Lanka.
  • To involve in efforts to help change attitudes and quell fears of people at large towards leprosy and those afflicted and/or affected by it.

5. To organise and implement programmes to raise funds to finance and support the implementation and the strengthening of all the programmes and activity of SUROL.



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I really appreciate the effort SUROL is making to alleviate the grievances of the Leprosy affected people in Sri Lanka…

A big fan of yours

Surol does an amazing job by reaching out to a really marginalised group of people in the country. This is a really worthy cause to help and they strive to provide a ray of hope to people affected with Leprosy.

I love your social service